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Your Path to Spiritual Healing and Retreats in Bali

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Hello Beautiful Soul...

Do you love Bali ? Have you thought about visiting or been already many times ? Maybe like me Bali is your second home.. the home of your heart. Either way ..Would you like to go deep... into the soul of Mumma Bali and have a profound & unique spiritual experience with me?

Discover Healing Energies in the Heart of Bali

Unique Balinese Traditional Journey

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience as you embark on a spiritual journey with Us. Our serene retreats in Bali are designed to heal the mind, body, and soul.

Bali, known for its spiritual energy, provides the perfect backdrop for self-discovery and rejuvenation. The island’s rich cultural tapestry and sacred sites create an ideal environment for those seeking profound healing experiences.

Discover the essence of Bali through our one-of-a-kind traditional journey. Join us as we explore unique spiritual pilgrimage routes, traverse the dragon lines, guided by Balinese teachers.

Tailored Spiritual Journey Experiences

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Spiritual Pilgrimage

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One One Retreat

Healer Bali Event

Bali Blessings Group Journeys

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Holistic Healing Reatreat

About Us

With decades dedicated to retreats and exploring the Balinese world of Spiritual Healing, I’m honored to be accepted as a Shamanic Healer and Teacher. From my first retreat in 1995 to making Bali as my home, I’ve immersed myself in Balinese culture, studying and teaching their healing practices.

Join our team of Balinese Healers, Priests, and Shamans as we explore Bali’s sacred sites, guided by the wisdom of the land. This isn’t just a journey, it’s an opportunity to connect with Bali’s spirituality and embark on a transformative adventure. Discover the beauty of cultural intertwining and let the ley lines of Bali guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

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Happy & Healed

Why Choose Us?

Elevate your spiritual journey with Us for an unparalleled experience:


Compassionate and Skilled Coach


Tailored programs for personal, couple, or group sessions


Health and Wellness


Safe and Comfortable Environment


Unique cultural tours

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Contact us now at +61 407 807 610 or email debbra@healerbali.com to discover how we can tailor the perfect Bali Traditional Retreat Journey for you.